What is ModJam?

Modjam is a Minecraft modding competition all about creating a project from scratch in a very limited amount of time. Each participant creates their project within 96 hours.

ModJam was invented by Searge in early 2013. Since then, each ModJam event has shown significant leaps in creativity, skill, dedication and achievement. Its amazing to see what people can create in such a small amount of time.


Create your project within 96 hours - let your creativity draw your world.

And best of all... Win those bragging rights!


Watch the projects as they grow - and let your voice be heard!


Youtubers, streamers, curious steves and onlookers will be around watching this event unfold!


We tweet like birds.

Join the #ModJam conversation!


The pariticpants are streaming their programming skillz, derps, frustrations and successes.

Come learn, laugh and cry with them <3

Watch it live!


Our super cool Teamspeak 3 voice chat thing.

You should take a visit ;)